Quick tips on choosing a superior quality mattress in New Zealand

By- housemin On- 04/25/2018
Quick tips on choosing a superior quality mattress in New Zealand

When you are out shopping for remodeling or moving into your home, a quality mattress or Luxury Bed is probably the most important personal home thing that you will purchase. So it’s really important to research and keep some points handy when purchasing a quality mattress.


What happens when we aren’t getting enough sleep?


Below are 6 health concerns linked to sleep deprivation.


  1. • Sleeping little can lead to obesity.
  2. • Lack of adequate sleep can increases the risk of a stroke.
  3. • Poor sleeping habits can lead to risk of having diabetes.
  4. • Sleeping less can affect our memory and cause brain deterioration.
  5. • Sleep deprivation can also lead to osteoporosis.
  6. • Too less sleep can cause chemical imbalance and also lead to heart problems.


Uncomfortable mattress or sleeping surface can lead to sleep deprivation. It is very important to sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Choosing the right mattress is very important.


Here are a few quick tips to buying a new mattress:


Decide where to shop:

These days you can buy mattress online in stores and even over the phone. Make sure you research and try the mattress in store as it also has discount schemes and warranty  offers. Look for special features like intelli springs, orthopaedic, memory foam and other technology features in mattress.  Inform  the salesperson about your sleeping habits and problems faced in old mattress.


Speciality mattress stores like House Of Beds in New Zealand offer quality mattress at factory prices.


Choose A Size


Most sleepers shift and move various positions throughout the night, It can get really uncomfortable not only for the sleeper but also for the sleep partner. Make sure you choose a mattress size that has enough room to move freely on the bed.  Standard mattress dimensions are: Queen ( 60” 80”), King ( 76” X 80”)


Choose the right firmness


If a mattress is too firm  then it won’t support the body in an even manner. This can cause discomfort at various body parts. If the mattress is way too soft, the sleeper could really sink into the bed surface and a have a hard time moving around. This can lead to aches, numbness and tingling sensation. The best mattress firmness supports the back and spinal points allowing it to maintain its natural curve. It has been researched that by the age of 42, the skin starts to loose its elasticity, and becomes more soft and sensitive to pressure points. So, a more cushiony surface is recommended by doctors.

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One of the best ways to test firmness of the mattress in a store is to lie down on the mattress surface for 15-20 minutes. Rest easy for 5 minutes for each side and back or stomach if that’s your preferred sleeping position. Make sure you look for support and softness. See if it supports your body shape and sleeping position. Softness will keep your body in a comfortable and relaxed angle, you can feel it at the contact points.


Wait for a discount sale or special offer


Quality mattress and luxury mattresses usually have a set price, so always keep an out for quality mattress deals in New Zealand. You can get some amazing discounts during holiday and festive season in New Zealand. You can also avail flexible payment and finance options.


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Make sure you do your research homework when you shop around. Have few selected options and if the price offer is good then just go for it!


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Warranties and Hassle free Guarantee.


Quality mattress and luxury mattress come with warranties upto 10 years these days. You can also talk to your mattress manufacturer for online submission in case of a problem. Warranty schemes help you if there is a manufacturing problem in the mattress you purchase. Many companies exchange your mattress with a new one and even money back guarantees. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before purchasing or applying for a refund.


After purchasing your new luxury mattress, you may be tempted to remove the tags, Please keep them on! In future, if your mattress is having some defect or problem and you are still under warranty you will be legit to avail the warranty with the help of the tag. Many mattress companies will not inform you about this unique policy, so make sure to keep the tag on! House of Beds is a Retail Mattress store based in  New Zealand based. We offer luxury beds at factory prices.  We                                                                                                             want you to sleep in the best comfort and wake up refreshed and energized!


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