Why you must sleep on your left side?

By- housemin On- 12/06/2016
Why you must sleep on your left side?

People from all over the world love sleep dearly. At House Of Beds, We understand that it is one of life’s sweetest pleasures. It’s also well known that sleep is vital for one’s overall well being and health. You cannot expect to function normally and perform to the best of your without taking a good night’s sleep.


Lack of adequate sleep can also cause a horde of health problems and possibly fatal conditions. Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest factors associated with heart disease.Along with maintaining a proper sleep pattern, you can give your health a boost by sleeping in a certain position.


Advanced Research shows that sleeping on the left side, as your Grandma may have often told you, is not merely an old wives’ tale but is actually beneficial for health.


1. Better Lymphatic Drainage


Lymphatic system is a web of organs and tissues that carry fluid called lymph throughout the human body. Lymph fluid performs the vital tasks of carrying infection-combating white blood cells through your system and detoxing your body of toxins and other unhealthy substances.Our lymphatic system is located on the left of the body, and the left side is where the body transports and drains the larger portions of the lymph fluid.Whenever we sleep on our left side, gravitational forces allows the drainage of blood and fluid through the spleen to be relaxed.Therefore, sleeping on the left allows you to aid the proper drainage and functioning of the lymphatic system inadvertently with the help of gravity.


2. Better Elimination of Waste Products


Whenever you sleep on your left side, the gravitational forces make it much easier for the food to move from the small intestine to the large intestine.As the night progresses and you sleep on your left side, the waste from the large intestine dumps into the colon slowly and gradually.This allows the colon to be filled and ready to eliminate waste in the form of stools properly for the next morning.


3. Heartburn Reduction


Researchers say that Sleeping on the left side may also help in reduction of acid reflux in your body and may help clear out the existing acid more quickly than if you lie on your right side of the body.Sleeping in the wrong position can cause the acid contained in the stomach to enter the oesophagus, thus causing heartburn and other discomforts. This, of course, happens because your stomach is situated on the left side of your body.


4. Back Pain Relief


One of the major benefits of sleeping on your side, whether left or right but with all the benefits of sleeping on the left side, you might as well assume a left position for your chronic back pain as well. People with chronic back pain must not, and probably cannot comfortably, sleep on their backs. Sleeping on your left side releases pressure on the spine and reduces back pain.


5. Better Sleep During Pregnancy


This is important for pregnant women, a left-sided sleeping position can really prevent the liver from applying pressure on the uterus and promote circulation of the blood to it. It also improves blood flow to the foetus.Sleeping on the left side may also help relieve back pain. To conclude, a left-sided sleeping position may help a pregnant woman sleep better, which is undeniably a major challenge in pregnancy.

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Hope you have a great sleep and you wake up refreshed and energised.
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