Single and Single XL Mattress

With a size of 39″ X 75″, these are the smallest kind of mattresses, these give you plenty of room to sleep and do not take up much of the room space and gives the feel of Premium Beds. Also known as twin mattresses, these can fit one child or one adult but are best suited for growing children. These mattresses are mostly used for children’s rooms, bunk beds, day spaces and guest rooms.

Single size mattresses provide ample space for a comfortable sleep and at the same time, they are small enough to fit into any bedroom. Using a single mattress leaves ample room for kids to play in or for you to decorate the room like you want to.

Single XL mattresses are 5” longer than regular single mattresses. They measure 39” X 80”, which make them a better option for taller adults. They are however better suited for growing children. They are ideal for small bedrooms and guest rooms as they give a look of premium Beds . However, their wide use in dorms has earned them the name “dorm mattress”. A great advantage of single XL mattress is that they can be used in pairs to create a king size bed for a lesser price than an actual king mattress.

An extra 5” in length is the only significant difference between single and single XL mattress. Single XL mattresses can be used by adults as well but are more expensive than a single mattress. Both single and single XL mattresses come with a great ease of movement. Their small size and light weight allow one to move them around without any help.