Queen Size mattress

Queen size mattresses are a great upgrade from double mattresses. They measure 60” X 80” in size, which makes them Luxury beds and At House of Beds we offer Luxury Auckland made Mattress that give Soft plush feel, Promotes better air circulation, Hypo Allergenic and Dust Mite Resistant.
only slightly smaller than a king size mattress. Queen size mattresses are ideal for couples, especially who live in a tight
space. The extra room gives the comfort of cuddling while at the same time there is enough room to stretch when
required. For people who like to sleep alone but like more room around them when sleeping, queen size mattresses are
the answer.
These mattresses are perfect for all seasons. In the winter you can pair it up with a king size quilt, making sure that you
don’t get into a tug of war for the cover with your partner at night. It is excellent for cuddling. Come summers and you
have the space to stretch and sleep comfortably, without having to feel the body heat of your partner.
Queen size beds might be slightly more expensive than double mattresses, but the comfort and extra space make up for
it. Since they are not very big in size and also not very heavy, they are easy to move around without much help.