King Single Mattress

Measuring at 42″ X 80″, the king single mattresses are a great upgrade from single mattresses. They fall within the price
range of the single mattress, yet provide more space to sleep on. Just like single mattresses, the king size mattress is also ideal
for tight spaces. King singles leave enough space to fit on your bedside tables. The extra space provides more space to
toss and turn and move around at night.
They are best suited for families with growing bodies like kids and teenagers. Kids grow up at a lightning fast speed and
sometimes even outgrow their beds, with their feet hanging out of their beds. King singles are becoming a popular
choice amongst parents, especially if there is a teenager in the house.
King single mattresses are also ideal if you have a large family. You can put all your kids in king singles and have the same
kind of bed accessories, thus saving you the confusion of having multiple sizes of bed sheets and covers. You can also
use them in day spaces and small guest rooms.