With a size of 76” X 80”, King Size Bed and mattresses are ideal for couples with growing families. These are the same length as queen size mattresses but are 16” wider which can make a lot of difference if you like your space when sleeping. If you have kids who sneak into your bed at night then these are ideal for you. These are also well suited for people who like to share their beds with pets.
These mattresses do take up more space in the room and are therefore best suited for bigger or master bedrooms. They balance out the room leaving you ample space to walk around and decorate the room, which is more difficult to do with smaller rooms. King size Bed and mattresses offer a more peaceful sleep. You can get in and out of bed without disturbing your partner since they are bigger than other mattresses. This extra space helps in minimizing the disturbances. King size mattresses are perfect for people who move around in bed when sleeping because you do not want to fall out of bed at night. They are more expensive than other mattresses but space and comfort make up for it.

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Queen size mattresses are a great upgrade from double mattresses. They measure 60” X 80” in size, which makes them Luxury beds and At House of Beds we offer Luxury NZ made Mattress that give Soft plush feel, Promotes better air circulation, Hypo Allergenic and Dust Mite Resistant. only slightly smaller than a king size mattress. Queen size mattresses are ideal for couples, especially who live in a tight space. The extra room gives the comfort of cuddling while at the same time there is enough room to stretch when required. For people who like to sleep alone but like more room around them when sleeping, queen size mattresses are the answer.
These mattresses are perfect for all seasons. In the winter you can pair it up with a king size quilt, making sure that youdon’t get into a tug of war for the cover with your partner at night. It is excellent for cuddling. Come summers and youhave the space to stretch and sleep comfortably, without having to feel the body heat of your partner.
Queen size beds might be slightly more expensive than double mattresses, but the comfort and extra space make up for it. Since they are not very big in size and also not very heavy, they are easy to move around without much help.

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With a size of 54″ X 75″, a double size mattress is a No Partner Disturbance Mattress as it provides extra space, which makes it an excellent upgrade from single mattresses. The extra room is great for people who move around in their sleep.  Since there is the extra room the double mattress can also be used to accommodate occasional guests.

For couples who live in small apartments, double mattresses are a great option to sleep on. Space may be tight but it will bring you closer to your partner.  They also make a great spare mattress since it is neither too big nor too small.  Double mattresses are easy to move around. The size also balances out small bedrooms. It leaves enough space for you to add extra furniture and decoration.

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Measuring at 42″ X 80″, the king single mattresses are a great upgrade from single mattresses. They fall within the price range of the single mattress, yet provide more space to sleep on. Just like single mattresses, the king size mattress is also ideal for tight spaces. King singles leave enough space to fit on your bedside tables. The extra space provides more space to toss and turn and move around at night.
They are best suited for families with growing bodies like kids and teenagers. Kids grow up at a lightning fast speed and sometimes even outgrow their beds, with their feet hanging out of their beds. King singles are becoming a popular choice amongst parents, especially if there is a teenager in the house.

King single mattresses are also ideal if you have a large family. You can put all your kids in king singles and have the same kind of bed accessories, thus saving you the confusion of having multiple sizes of bed sheets and covers. You can also use them in day spaces and small guest rooms.


With a size of 39″ X 75″, these are the smallest kind of mattresses, these give you plenty of room to sleep and do not take up much of the room space and gives the feel of Premium Beds. Also known as twin mattresses, these can fit one child or one adult but are best suited for growing children. These mattresses are mostly used for children’s rooms, bunk beds, day spaces and guest rooms.

Single size mattresses provide ample space for a comfortable sleep and at the same time, they are small enough to fit into any bedroom. Using a single mattress leaves ample room for kids to play in or for you to decorate the room like you want to.

Single XL mattresses are 5” longer than regular single mattresses. They measure 39” X 80”, which make them a better option for taller adults. They are however better suited for growing children. They are ideal for small bedrooms and guest rooms as they give a look of premium Beds . However, their wide use in dorms has earned them the name “dorm mattress”. A great advantage of single XL mattress is that they can be used in pairs to create a king size bed for a lesser price than an actual king mattress.

An extra 5” in length is the only significant difference between single and single XL mattress. Single XL mattresses can be used by adults as well but are more expensive than a single mattress. Both single and single XL mattresses come with a great ease of movement. Their small size and light weight allow one to move them around without any help.

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The size of the mattress is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a mattress. If you’re looking to experience luxury while sleeping, super king mattress is the answer. Having enough space to spread out while you sleep is very important and that is exactly what these mattresses offer. They measure 72” X 84” which provides more than enough space for two people to sleep in. You Can Visit our Bed and Mattress Auckland Store and Can Choose any type of Beds.

If you have a growing family, not getting enough or proper sleep can be very straining. A super king mattress allows everyone to sleep comfortably and be well rested.  Like king mattresses, super king mattress also helps in balancing out big rooms. They give ample space to sleep while leaving enough space to move around and decorate.

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