Benefits of Gratitude Beyond Sleep

By- housemin On- 08/10/2018
Benefits of Gratitude Beyond Sleep


While you relax on your NZ made mattress, Imagine what a difference it would make, if you could focus on positive thoughts of things you are grateful for, each day. Some of the benefits you could enjoy would be:


  • • Reduction of stress
  • • Improvement of mood
  • • Fall asleep faster
  • • Greater optimism
  • • Improved morale
  • • Stronger relationships
  • • Develop a hopeful attitude
  • • Enjoy more energy to accomplish your goals
  • • Better self-esteem


Additionally, others will be more attracted to you if you express your gratitude. You will be more likely to make new friends and develop more meaningful relationships with existing friends, if you acknowledge and show your appreciation for the things they do.


When you will practice gratitude, you will  feel improvement your life in more areas than you expect. Sleep is a huge benefit that impacts your mood, your mental health, your physical well being, your immune system, your energy levels, and even your leadership abilities. So how can you begin practicing gratitude?


Nurturing Gratitude


Here are a few things you can do that will help you foster feelings of gratitude daily:

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Spend a few minutes each night writing down the things you’re grateful for. Robert Emmons, author of Gratitude Works, and a leading expert on the science of gratitude, reports that people who keep gratitude journals are 25 percent happier than those who do not.


Start small and write down three things that you are grateful for each day. Be specific, thorough and sincere. It will become easier with practice. You may even want to expand your journal and include more than three things each day.


Stop Complaining


Every time you’re tempted to lodge a complaint, look for something positive to say instead. It will change the way you see the world.



Spread the Love


Gratitude is also a gift you share with others. Tell people who make your day brighter, better, or easier how they have helped, and express your gratitude. Not only will it help to brighten their day, but they may be inspired to brighten the day of others as well.



It costs you absolutely nothing to tell others how they have helped to make your day better, and it may mean everything to someone who may be having a dreadful day or feeling a little down in the dumps.


Write a Letter


There are many people in life for whom you are grateful. The more you practice gratitude the more people you will discover that deserve your gratitude for the roles they’ve played in your life over the years. Hand write a letter, and give it to someone who has helped shape your life, offered advice, or been a rock for you through challenging times.


Don’t send an email or a text. Write out the letter by hand and either mail the letter or deliver it in person. Writing the letter solidifies your own feelings of gratitude and choosing a unique method (in this day and age) of delivery lets the receiver feel special in the process as well.


Let the People Close to You Know How Grateful You Are


Call your parents or your children, and let them know how grateful you are for them. We often forget to tell those who are closest to us, how we feel.


It’s important that you take the time to share with these people, who have helped to shape you into the person you are, the many reasons that you’re grateful to know them.


Don’t Forget Yourself


You do a lot in the course of a day –  take care of your family, care for your pets, work, etc. You may even volunteer within your community or give back in other ways. Be grateful that you have the good health, the compassionate heart, and the sound mind to accomplish all of these things in a day.


Can gratitude improve your sleep quality? Yes and in more ways than you may realize. Try this for a week by practicing gratitude every day, and see what a difference it makes for your sleep quantity, sleep quality, and many other areas of your life. You have nothing to lose by adopting a grateful heart and so much to gain from these exercises in gratitude.



Here at Slumberzone, We care about people living and New Zealand and grateful for all of our wonderful customers. We believe that each one of us deserves the life-enhancing benefits of rejuvenating and restful sleep. We know you’re making an investment in your health and well being when you purchase one of Slumberzone Nz made mattress.We’re committed to making extremely comfortable and healthy products for you.



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