6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Invest in a New Mattress.

By- housemin On- 01/30/2019
6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Invest in a New Mattress.

After many sleepless nights, you’ve finally decided that it’s time to visit mattress stores and invest in a new mattress. Congratulation! You have made a wise decision, you may have already done some homework researching the perfect mattress or still dreaming of the high tech features you want in your new mattress. You may have narrowed it down to just two or three mattresses. When flipping a coin doesn’t seem the right option, how do you decide before you hit the mattress stores?


House Of Beds have put together some go-to questions to ask yourself when you simply cannot narrow down on your mattress choice. Grab your notes and let’s get started!


1. What is my budget?


Take a look at your finances and decide what you can afford to pay for a good quality mattress. Carefully examine the condition of your current bed to determine if you’ll need only a  mattress top or complete set with frame and springs.


Sometimes saving up over time makes a lot of sense, but it can also be really beneficial for you to jump on a great discount deal.


2. How do I sleep on the bed?


Observe and determine the way you sleep on the bed. Check your sleeping position. Ask yourself “ if the mattress aligns to the support you need. The best sleeping position for your body type can help in preventing aches and pains giving you sound sleep all night long. Also remember, a House Of Beds salesperson can really help you determine your sleep position and the best bed for you if you are unsure when you visit our mattress stores.


3. What are my must-have features?


From Techno 10X pocket springs to innerspring support system to memory foam, you would want to study up on what features top your priority list and then visit a House Of Beds store in New Zealand to touch and feel a variety of luxury mattress. Well, these days the beds have an endless amount of features to choose from, so the best way to know which ones will will work the best for you is to to just come in the store, test multiple mattress and find the best suited according to your needs.


4. Which size mattress is right for you?


If you and your partner like to spread out on a bed, upgrading to a good quality king size mattress might be the best choice for you.


You must measure your bedroom before making the purchase and consider any other large furniture that will fill up the space. Here is a Feng Shui tip: Less clutter or overcrowding in a room will bring peace to your downtime!


5. Is there a move in your future?


Right now, If you have a large bedroom space for a king size luxury mattress, don’t forget to really think a few years down the line – Do you visualize moving into a smaller or larger home space? Given that you may own a mattress for at least 5-8 years, this is a really important factor to consider.


If you’re saving up for your ultimate dream home with a larger master bedroom or even having kids soon, you might want to invest in a mattress that is a little large for your current home, but will fit well in your future home!.


6. What does the fine print really say?


When shopping in mattress stores, you have the opportunity to make sure that you fully understand the warranties and return policies for the mattress that you’re about to purchase. Make sure the return policies are flexible, so that you have the opportunity to test our your mattress at home, and can return if it’s not meeting your expectations.


Take the Next Step: It’s Really That Easy


Now that you’ve successfully selected a mattress, you can rest easy and celebrate knowing you have a cozy place to rest your head at the end of the day.

Sleep is a fundamental and crucial part of a healthy lifestyle routine and House Of Beds is committed to helping everyday kiwis make the best sleeping decision.

Happy snoozing!

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