Studies have shown that an average person will spend one-third of their life in bed, hence bedtime is something that should be looked forward to with enthusiasm.  You must take extra care when buying a mattress as finding the right mattress can mean the difference between waking up feeling rested or sore, and let’s face it; nothing beats having a comfortable place to rest your head at night.

Today the market is flooded with various kinds of mattresses, and these seemingly limitless options can make choosing a mattress overwhelming for potential shoppers. Thankfully, We have found some tips to help you make an educated choice:


Mattresses come in various price ranges, so first and foremost it is important to know how much you are willing to spend beforehand. It is essential also to carry out some research both online and by asking friends to know which ones are the best for your budget.

Don’t forget to Haggle;

After you have done your research and settled on the mattress you want; try to bring the price down, especially if you are shopping from a retailer as huge markups allow them to lower prices by 50 percent or more during high sales periods.

Check the warranty and return policy.

It is advisable to Look for a minimum of 10-15 years full warranty when shopping for a mattress; It should cover manufacturing defects such as sagging and loose or broken coil wires. Also, since it might take a week or two to ascertain if you have met the mattress of your dream, you should purchase your mattress from a vendor with a generous return policy.

Test the Mattress

Consumers who spent at least 15 minutes testing out mattresses at the stores were reported to be happier with their purchase compared to shoppers who did not.  Kick off your shoes and lie down for five minutes on each side and five minutes on your preferred sleeping position.

Delivery Day;

Always inspect your newly purchased mattress for stains and other damages, another important point to consider is the passage to the room as well as the space you intend to keep the bed.  There’s nothing worse than struggling with a new bed up narrow, curving stairs only to get to the room and discover there is no space!

Sleeping on the wrong mattress can pose a lot of problems such as a sprained neck,  back pain and waist problems spoiling your day even before it starts. Hopefully, the above tips will guide you in making a good purchase. Do not forget, it’s your money and your comfort and very time you spend in researching and testing mattresses is worth the peaceful sleep you get once you crack the best option

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