Yoga Poses that You can Practice in Bed

Yoga has been practiced all over the world for years. People use it for its physical and spiritual powers. While it’s is advisable to practice yoga under the guidance of a professional yogi and with proper equipment, there are a few yoga poses which you can do right on your bed. Ideal for people with a very busy schedule or for those who want to stay fit but laziness comes in the way, these asanas can be done first thing in the morning or before going to bed. They will help you get through your day stress-free and get a good night’s sleep.


Child’s Pose (Balasana): This asana resembles the fetal position and is one of the easiest yoga poses and does not require any special settings or equipment. Balasana has numerous health benefits.It helps to release tension in the back, neck and shoulders. This yoga pose is especially recommended for people who suffer from stress and anxiety. It stretches your ankles, thighs and hips and also increases blood circulation through your body. Balasana is a great pose to begin and end your everyday yoga sequence.


Cat & cow (marjaryasana &Bitilasana): Cat and cow pose provide the necessary warm-up that is needed for further asanas. You can practice these separately but it is recommended that you practice them together to get the maximum benefits out of them

These asanas not only help improve posture and flexibility but also in spine alignment since it stretches your back, torso and neck. These are also great for breathing regulation and stimulates kidneys. It also helps relieve back pains. So the next time you feel your bed was not as comfortable as it usually is or your back is sore from all those hours spent staring at the computer, just get into the cat and cow pose on your mattress.


Bow pose (Dhanurasana): Another yoga pose that you can practice right on your bed is the Bow Pose. yogaThis pose helps strengthen your ankle, thighs and abdominal areas. It also helps you stretch your spine and abdomen. When practiced on a regular basis it aids in curing gastrointestinal problems and constipation. It is a great way to improve blood circulation.  The bow pose is known to enhance flexibility and strengthen the back. Like most yoga poses it also helps in relieving stress.  However, it is not recommended for people who suffer from serious back issues.


Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana): This is one of the easiest yoga poses that you can do in your bed. The seated forward bend is recommended to people who suffer from a high blood pressure, sinusitis and insomnia. It also helps with obesity and aids in weight loss. It is a great way to stretch your spine too. It also eases menstrual cramps.


yogaPigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana): Those of you looking for a way to open up your hips, the Pigeon pose is for you. It also helps in stretching the thighs. It is a great pose to improve your posture as well and reduces lower back pain. The pigeon pose helps relieve fear, trauma, stress and anxiety.


yoga poseSpinal Twist (Sapta Matsyendrasana): This is a very beneficial yoga stretch. It helps to relax the lower back while at the same time it opens up your muscles and supports the spinal muscles. When you release the twist fresh blood, oxygen and other nutrients are released into the digestive organs, helping them to stay healthy. The spinal twist is a great pose when transitioning to other poses. Since this is not a very active pose, the longer you hold this pose, the more you let go thereby helping yourself to let go of the stress and anxiety.


Cobra pose (Bhujangasana): The Cobra pose is ideal to practice without getting up from your bed. It is a great opening asana for back, abs and shoulders. The main focus of this asana is on the lower back. It helps stretch the thigh which helps in relieving back pain. It also reduces the stiffness in the back. Another great benefit of this asana is that it helps in toning the buttocks. It is also known to elevate mood.


If you have always wished to incorporate yoga into your everyday life but have been too lazy or busy, these asanas are ideal without having to leave the bed. These will help you stay happy, healthy and fit.


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