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By- housemin On- 12/11/2018
The Benefits of Power Napping

Unlike 85 percent of mammalian species, humans only sleep once per day. Whether this is the way nature intended us to work, or if it’s simply the way we’ve conditioned ourselves in response to modern society, is still largely unknown to scientists. Regardless, what is clear is that almost a third of us say we […]

By- housemin On- 10/29/2018
Handy Tips For Sleeping Through Hot Summer Nights.

  We hope you find these tips useful and help to improve your sleep in these unusually hot conditions.of Autumn so that they can get a good night’s sleep. While the arrival of warmer weather is usually greeted with great enthusiasm, it is clear that for many the prolonged warm spell has now left many […]

By- housemin On- 10/14/2018
Mattress Guide for Him & Her.

  From teaching your partner how you like the dishwasher to be loaded to embracing each other’s most bizarre habits. The first year of marriage life is filled with adjusting, learning and growing as a couple. Adding poor sleep routine habits to the first year of marriage is a recipe for a cranky disaster.   […]

By- housemin On- 09/28/2018

Life Can Be Hard, But Finding The best bed / best beds in New Zealand doesn’t Have To Be.   Are you waking up tired, even a little stiff after a night in your own bed? Are you and your partner constantly waking each other up tossing and turning? Maybe that hand-me-down mattress that you […]

By- housemin On- 09/15/2018
Awesome Benefits of a Gel Memory Foam Mattress.

    At House Of Beds, We always want to educate and aware New Zealanders about the importance of the best sleep quality for people of all age and different lifestyles. Before you search for mattress sale, you must know about how poor sleep quality can impact your daily productivity at work, health and other […]

By- housemin On- 08/25/2018
Must Have Sleep Promoting Foods

  1) Cherries – According to a study reported in the Journal of Experimental Botany, cherries are a natural source of melatonin, which is often referred to as the “sleep hormone” because it helps control your body’s internal clock needed to regulate sleep. Before you check out the next beds sale, Read our blog. While […]

By- housemin On- 08/10/2018
Benefits of Gratitude Beyond Sleep

  While you relax on your NZ made mattress, Imagine what a difference it would make, if you could focus on positive thoughts of things you are grateful for, each day. Some of the benefits you could enjoy would be:   • Reduction of stress • Improvement of mood • Fall asleep faster • Greater […]

By- housemin On- 07/15/2018

These top 5  Natural Health and Wellness Trends are quickly making their way to the top of the heap, especially for people interested in giving their health and appearance a boost, in natural ways: Read these key points before you head out to your nearest mattress sale.   1. Self-Care   In the past, self-care […]

By- housemin On- 07/08/2018
What to look in a mattress if you are a back sleeper?

A good mattress with adequate support is essential for back sleepers. Many back sleepers who sleep on a mattress that doesn’t  provide enough support, will wake up with pains, aches and can lead to serious problems. Before you purchase the best beds and mattress available near you, you must read our blog.   If you […]

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