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By- housemin On- 05/28/2019
Sleep Tips & Benefits for Kids.

There’s a lot more to sleep than avoiding tiredness, especially when it comes to our kids It’s no secret that sleep is important. We’re all familiar with the exhaustion that hits when we don’t get enough sleep the night before. But while getting ample sleep is important for absolutely everybody, it’s particularly vital when it […]

By- housemin On- 05/18/2019
4 Common Sleep Myths Debunked by House Of Beds

For many people, the science of sleep is a bit of a mystery even after purchasing the best mattress & best beds . Some of us seem to able to manage on very little sleep, while others have to strive for at least 8 hours if they have any hope of functioning the next day. […]

By- housemin On- 05/02/2019

New research shows that the ideal time lapse between going to bed and falling asleep, We all experience sleep a little differently. For many of us, sleep comes easily and we rapidly fall into a deep comfort slumber on our king size mattress or queen size. For others, things are a little tricky, and it […]

By- housemin On- 04/01/2019
Why invest in a Pocket Spring mattress.

We spend a good part of our lives sleeping, one-third to be precise. This makes it more than obvious that in order to ensure quality sleep, it is very important to sleep on pocket spring mattress to ensure a good quality of life.  However, most people tend to ignore this fact and make do with […]

By- housemin On- 03/22/2019

Studies have shown that an average person will spend one-third of their life in bed, hence bedtime is something that should be looked forward to with enthusiasm.  You must take extra care when buying a mattress as finding the right mattress can mean the difference between waking up feeling rested or sore, and let’s face […]

By- housemin On- 03/18/2019
The Best Mattress – Determining Which Mattress is Best For You

Finding thе bеѕt mаttrеѕѕ іѕ a hugе challenge. But it іѕ dеfіnіtеlу nоt a guessing game. You саn’t ѕресulаtе оr trust your gut іnѕtіnсtѕ whеn it comes to the bеѕt mattress fоr уоu. Aftеr аll, you hаvе tо соnѕіdеr nоt just what you want but аlѕо what уоur bоdу needs.   Tо find whаt уоu […]

By- housemin On- 01/30/2019
6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Invest in a New Mattress.

After many sleepless nights, you’ve finally decided that it’s time to visit mattress stores and invest in a new mattress. Congratulation! You have made a wise decision, you may have already done some homework researching the perfect mattress or still dreaming of the high tech features you want in your new mattress. You may have […]

By- housemin On- 01/18/2019
Kickstart the New Year with Fresh New Sleep Habits

  Whether you want to get fitter, healthier, more productive or achieve that next promotion in 2019, January is the time to put the plans in place that will help you achieve those goals. But don’t overlook how important a good sleep routine can be in getting you on the right track.   Sleep feeds […]

By- housemin On- 01/09/2019

A response to technology   The 21st century has witnessed unprecedented advancements in technology as we have embraced the digital revolution on a global basis. Of course, there are many benefits to making the world a more advanced, connected and fast-moving place. Anyone who has traded in the traditional 9 to 5 job in favour […]

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