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By- housemin On- 06/03/2020
Interesting facts and tips for Back Sleepers!

A mattress with proper support is crucial and essential for all back sleepers. Back sleepers who are sleeping on a mattress that does not provide proper support, are more likely to wake up with pains and aches. If you are a back sleeper, read on to learn about the qualities you should look for, when […]

By- housemin On- 05/23/2020
Top 10 Healthy Diet Foods For Better Sleep

Most people have bedtime food cravings. If you’re one of these people, and are going to eat in the evening anyway, why not eat foods suited for healthy, restful sleep? You can utilize various tricks of the trade to promote quality sleep ― and changing your mattress, nz pillows & diet is one of them, […]

By- housemin On- 05/13/2020
Understanding the 5 Sleep Stages & Cycles

Long ago, it was believed, that when people fall asleep, their bodies and brains enter a passive state, and shut down to provide rejuvenation from the day. Since then, researchers have learned that sleep is more complex. A sleeper’s body and brain actually go into an “active” state. In fact, a sleeper’s body and brain […]

By- housemin On- 08/05/2019

This beautiful weather is known to motivate us to break out our to-do-list and get a fresh start in various areas of our lives.The Spring season is known for its beautiful weather.  If you did not do this, now is the perfect time to get motivated and finish up your to-do-list before Summer arrives! Below […]

By- housemin On- 07/15/2019
Are Wellness spaces the new hangout to meet your friends?

Once upon a time, bars, malls, and coffeehouses were the preferred hangouts of friend groups everywhere. Times are changing, and 2019 will see an increase of friend groups making various wellness spaces their hangout spots of choice. Looking for bed sale and pillows online? Find a House Of Beds store near you. In fact, some […]

By- housemin On- 07/08/2019
Interesting Tips & Facts Side Sleepers!

Did you know that nearly two-thirds of adults in the U.S. prefer to sleep on their sides? In this article we’ll look at the pros and cons of being a side sleeper. We’ll also offer some solutions to help side sleepers get the best night’s sleep, night after night. Looking for no partner disturbance mattress […]

By- housemin On- 06/24/2019
Vegan Mattress 101

Every year more and more people make the decision to adopt a vegan lifestyle. Practising a vegan lifestyle goes much deeper than simply addressing the foods you introduce into your body. It also involves every buying decision you make, including the decision to buy a vegan mattress for yourself and your family. Looking for best […]

By- housemin On- 06/05/2019
Mattress Tips For Growing Kids

Kids growing up require a healthy night’s sleep to enhance their development, happiness and health. The right kind of mattress is essential for providing a good sleep surface that is healthy and comfortable for kids growing up. It should also accommodate growth and changes along the way. Looking for Beds store & Mattress sale nz? Check […]

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